"Mild Mannered
From London
Swears On Oath
His Horseracing
System Is NOT


Welcome back! - And thank you so much for joining me.

Just to recap, my name is David O'Neil. And I have to confess
I earn a very substantial living by taking what amounts to 
free money
 from the villians of the betting world.

And I'm about to let you know how you can do the same.

Should you or I feel the tinyest bit guilty about turning the tables on them..?

No. Not in the slightest! As I'll explain...

How many times have you heard someone say "the only person that wins is the bookie"?

Lots of times I'll wager! (please excuse the pun) You'll also find anyone who might agree with that statement is either not approaching betting in the right way - and has certainly never met my father-in-law. 

Here's a picture of me with my father-in-law, Dennis.

He's an absolutely incredible guy!

And has systematically taken the big betting corporations to the cleaners for over 27 years!

The truth is they absolutely hate the fact that they simply can't stop him...

To give you some real background information, the money my father-in-law and I make off these betting companies pays for
a very envyable lifestyle indeed.

In fact our family have earned a happy and comfortable living without the need or want to work in a 'traditional' 9 - 5 job.

What's more, using the very method you'll see here has helped
me to drive the car of my choice, live in a beautiful renovated farmhouse in the countryside and take at least three holidays abroad a year.

Not a bad life for someone without a 'proper job' you'll surely agree.

So to give him his due; the hapiness my family enjoy today
is totally 100% down to my father-in-law, to whom we owe everything.

Now 'dad' was never a gambler as such, but a mathematician.
As long ago as 1985 he was able to work out the entire statistical model of how the bookmakers made their money - which is exactly the same some 30 years later.

With what he knows he was able to support his wife and two children in some considerable style!

His extremely successful system was passed on to his daughter, Mary(my wife)and together we are still making great profits
to this day.

You CAN Beat Them At Their Own Game...

Now I'm going to show you exectly how to make a terrific living from horseracing - from an income that is 100% tax-free.

And of course I'll let you in on WHY I'm prepared to do
all this.

Before you see our real-life results, it would be a good idea
at this point to show you a little of what makes the big online and offline bookmakers tick. In other words, how they make
their money.

So please read on... it'll be well worth it!


Forget the image of the seedy little bookmaking shops sitting at the end of your high street.
Or the friendly manager who greets his regular punters with a cheery smile...

... the real truth behing these stereotypes is that the business is in reality run by massive multinational betting corporations such as William Hill and Ladbrokes to name but two.

All of these huge companies have thousands of shareholders in the city to please and huge fat bonus's to pay their directors - out of your money!

You'll know that these companies are  little else but calculating
cash-sucking machines.

So despite their moaning about losing business to the national
lottery they will never go broke.

And to show you why,horse racing itself serves as a perfect example.

Look at any race meeting and if  you study the odds for each horse you will find if you were to place a win bet on each horse in the race with the objective of winning £1,000
you would need to lay-out £1,200 in order to guarantee your £1,000 'winnings'.

This is because bookmakers work on an industry 12% profit margin and is why they always appear to win overall.

Now if you can just help you 'get' the following concept you are half way there to understanding why my father-in-law's system makes the bookmakers so vunerable:- 

Because (now more than ever)
It's A World-Wide Business

Wherever you live in the world you can earn great profits.

You see the big gaming companies rely on controlling the profitability of their many websites and betting shops
from exclusive head offices located in the big cities
around the globe.

This means they have had to come up with a formula to pass on
to the different branches of their business in order to automate the process of grinding-out good profits day after day
after day.

The system they use has actually left them wide open to someone clever enough and sharp enough to 'play them at their own game' and jab jab jab at them scoring points while they don't even know what's hitting them!

"The Big Gaming Corporations Are Being Hit Every Day And They're Powerless To Stop it"

(NOTE:- the above figures are daily TAX-FREE amounts)

Did you know...

There are in fact only three types of people who bet on horses:-

"Here's me with my used left-hand drive(but still gorgeous)red Lambo' - all thanks to his winning formula.

You can see why me and 'dad' still get on so well!"

So if you've stopped hating me because I own a flash car - just take some time-out to consider where we are here.

Because when you think about it, can you ever recall coming across someone who GENUINELY earns a great tax-free living from their very own hiddern system?

And has a GENUINE REASON for telling you about it..?

If you had I'd be very, very surprised.

Imagine if someone came up with such a method, whether it be by luck or careful planning... So they're making a pile of cash each week, right?

You can be sure they're guarding their little secret like a lion guards its cubs. And the more money they make, the more protective and secrative they become...


They'd be so scared you see - that if someone discovers their secret all their money will disappear in a puff of smoke!


Of course there are 'tipsters' and systems that have been doing the rounds for a number of years. It's funny how these types of advices are being sold to the general public as soon as they
are thought of.

Interesting isn't it..?

  You could be forgiven for thinking they're only in it for the money. Maybe your money and not that of the bookies..?

  I've investigated quite a few tipsters and system sellers over
the years, such as:

Ashley Carr, Surewin, R M Club, Brimardon, Edward Knight, Winning Systems, Ask Pablo, Keith Middleton, Ian Baily...

... and... each and every one of them has won practically nothing!

Maybe I just wasn't following their instructions properly :-(

 Have you had


with any of


So far we've learned that anyone who's GENUINLY made a lot of money from their formula would practically take it with them
to their graves!

And yet there can be much more to it that that. Because after cashing in from my father-in-laws system myself for so many years you realise the money isn't going to disappear just because someone else knows about it.

FACT: when you have got yourself something as unique as the O'Neil Formula - it can make life a whole lot more profitable
AND fun by taking things to the next level.

That way everyone's a winner (apart from the hundreds of worldwide betting companies who to this very day don't know what's hitting them)!


As you've already guessed my father-in-laws system is mine to use as I like and to make the most of in the best and most sensible ways possible.

That's why I am able to allow a very select few to make what is effectively FREE MONEY out of these big companies too.

All you would need is a PC or Laptop - and you could do this
7 days a week - 52 weeks of the year.


Wouldn't The Bookies Just Freak Out...


... if they knew? They would wouldn't they?

Just think what it would be like to have this type of formula in your hands. Forget about the lottery!

  Lotteries are for dreamers and I'm damn sure you're NOT a dreamer.

Horse racing will always be around and horse racing is 100% world-wide - you can rake-in the money from anywhere on the globe! UK, America, Australia, the Middle East - or that Carribean island in the sun. 

You think others arn't doing this too?

Think again...

You may of course be feeling a wee bit sceptical about your ability to make money in this way. Some may say it's impossible to beat the bookmaker in the long run and that there's tens of 1,000's of people who bet each day and end up losing
their shirt...

... and in one way they're quite right!

The Insolvency Helpline will testify to the amount of luck-chasers who are heading for bankruptcy because they've got it all wrong.

But what these (broke) know-alls need to realise that it's the losers who are the 98% of the public that feed the gaming money machine! So called experts in flat caps who tell you it's impossible for the average person to make money are simply ignorant because...

... they don't realise how the bookies work!


Think About It...

* We can put a man on the moon.

* We can travel in the air at twice the speed of sound.

* We can talk to someone on the other side of the world on a mobile phone.

  YET people would have you believe it is impossible to make a simple profit from any one of thousands of bookmakers!!!


One of the real world benefits of the 'O'Neil Formula' (yes, that's what I've called it) is that if you choose to use the Formula at home, the money you could make would lift you far and above what your friends and neighbours are able to achieve.


... this information is totally new outside of our immediate family and its contents financially dynamite! So imagine what this really would mean...


tick Instantly create your 1st income within minutes of reading through the step-by-step instructions.

stop1 Stop all time consuming ways of trying to earn money and free-up your day to enjoy as you see fit.

tick2 Kiss goodbye to the alarm clock as it will cease to rule you anymore.

tick3 Freely travel anywhere in the world and carry on earning money - all you'd need is access to the internet.

tick4 Start with a very small stake indeed - you'll NOT need to invest lots of money in order to make a decent return.

tick6 Enjoy the whole process as NO BETTING EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED and it doesn't matter in the slightest if you've never placed a bet before!

Full Three Month 90 Day Guarantee

Simply put, this formula is honest, true, and will make you a terrific tax-free income.

genuine testimonial

winning sums




For YOU...





All The Questions You Ever
Wanted To Ask:

Some people have obviously been very keen and have asked me
to answer their questions.

I was only too happy to help - and here are some of the more common questions:-

Q: David, if your formula is so good, why are you
offering it to me?

A:  There is a limit to how much money I can make from the formula on my own. I consistently win by using a simple 'rotation' system. This means I avoid hitting the same bookmaker too often and risking being barred from using them.

Even so, I cannot place a bet above a certain size without compromising the system - so I'm not about to become
a millionare from it any time soon. Bookies aren't that stupid!

Around £3,000 in a week is probably the maximum you'll be able to get away with on the odd occasion. And probably about £1,000 - £2,000 per week winnings is my recommended level to help make sure you can still place your bets year in year out.

Q: Does this only work for British horseracing?

A:  Heck no! You'll find the system is set-up in such a way as to have the same success with American Racing, Australian Racing,racing throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Q: Does it involve the use of software?

A:  No,you don't have to download software and learn about it or anything like that! No computer knowledge as such is needed at all, though being able to use the basic functions of a computer is useful so that you can connect to the internet.

You could choose to manually travel to several bookmakers (though if the thought of this fills you with dread just use
the internet as it's so easy to do so).

Q: Is it anything to do with arbitage betting?

A:  No, for arbitrage betting you need to place vast amounts
of money in order to make often a very small gain.

This is nothing like that!

Q: Do I have to use real money straight-away when I
receive your formula?

A:  Definitely not. You could place a few imaginary bets and then check to see what you would have made by looking at the racing results afterwards.

Q: I have tried so called 'systems' before and none of
them have worked. How do I know yours will be any 

A:  My father-in-Law owned his own 5 bedroomed house plus a holiday home in France outright. He gained all of this despite not having a 'proper' full time job for most of his adult life. So I think you could say the O'Neil Formula works now and will work for years to come.

What Value This
'Genie In A Bottle'?

The only question I needed to sort out with Mary and my father-in-law was how many copies of this system it would be sensible to let loose.

And of course what value should be placed upon it...

...this was a trickier issue than you might think because any normal measure of value would put the price of this 'genie'
well into the stratosphere
 and virtually no-one could afford it!

Frankly I didn't think it would be very fair of me to whet your appetite with something so, well, tasty... only to snatch it away by attaching a huge price tag to it.

  The bookies would certainly be laughing up their sleeves at that one!

So please bear in mind that this will be a legitimate tool you can use. No previous horseracing experience is required and
you needn't EVER have to walk into a bookmakers for the rest
of your life...

You'll be glad to know there's no messing around with premium rate phone numbers either. No dodgy calls, no smelly bookmakers, just a clean and honest way to cash-in ... which will be your secret,
and yours alone.


It seemed the fairest thing I could do for you was to offer the formula and in return ask for a realistic weeks profits and throw in a guarantee that I couldn't wriggle out of even if
I wanted to..


KFC Anyone..?
"When you look at the numbers involved - just compare it to buying into a $200,000 franchise or anything else so horrendously expensive.

You'll wonder why people ever bother to let themselves in for the expense
and the commitment that these types
of investments demand. So why earn your money like this?"


If you're fairly switched on you can see the logic behind this way of thinking. And if you've ever even looked at buying a traditional business or franchise you'll have seen the that the costs can be absolutely breathtaking!

You Can Do Better

You see a realistic weeks steady profit from the formula can be as much as £2,000. This may be wonderful  news for those lucky enough to posess the formula but not so good news if you don't have £2,000 to invest in the system!

And most people don't. Yet even at that price, a proven formula that you could operate for the rest of your life would pretty much be an absolute bargain.

So after having a chat with my wife, Mary, we came to agree on an even better deal... this would mean you could make full use of the O'Neil System for what would effectively be just one day's profits. And that's all.

Mary reasoned that as I am using the internet to divulge the formula - I could pass on the cost savings to help genuine people who need what it can deliver and I'd still offer them the same 100% guarantee. A win-win situation for everyone is the result!


So we've gone ahead and set the deal at £297.97 for the full formula. That includes everything.

My father-in-law thinks this is a very very good deal for something he's kept under wraps for so long!


But I Wanted To Do Better
For You...


So that you can finally UNLOCK yourself from the prison of doom and gloom!


... because that's how most people live... and the needs and frustrations of the average person in the street are FAR MORE important than filling the coffers of the large gaming corporations who dump on mug punters from a rarified hight.

Whew!... What a rant! :-)

You see this is so important to you... because you're reading my letter as I've only just started to reveal the O'Neil Formula very very recently. And I plan to distribute copies of the system to only the 100 keenest and quickest people who would benefit from it.

That's 100 people who really wish for tax-free income to last a lifetime.

When you think about it. You don't exactly need to be a mathmetician yourself to see why I'm doing this.

One hundred copies of the O'Neil Formula at £297.97 equalls nearly £30,000 in profit - AND I still get to use the formula myself in exactly the same way as I've been using
it all these years.

Now can you see why you're finally allowed to know of the existence of this 27 year old family secret?

There's nothing wrong in being up front about the 'reasons why' because nearly £30K is a pretty cool bonus for sure.

And most importantly, because the formula
'does what it says on the tin' it's a damn bargain at £297.97 and worth every single penny.


For The First 15 11 People It Gets Even Better

As the ball has only just started rolling on this I'vedecided that it would help my own goals if I were to receive a further number of genuine testimonials that could be featured on my website.

It makes a heap of sense to be given more testimonials from people who had tried for themselves and have seen with their own eyes how profitable this formula is for winning consistent
tax-free cash.

So if you were willing to write to me in 7 weeks time to tell me how much money you had made and allowed me to use your testimonial (your name and address would be kept strictly private)...

... I would be prepared to offer you the full formula, which would be yours to keep forever, for an initial offer of
only £49.97

This means you could own the whole formula and be ready to virtually print your own cash by as early as
tomorrow morning!

The Amazing O'Neil Formula
(for a limited-time only)




  FACT: You only need send the rest of your payment AFTER you've had 7 weeks of making money for yourself at an average rate of £900 a week.

That means a formula that in normal business terms would be valued at thousands of pounds being passed on to you, not for £297.97 but for £49.97 only. If for obvious reasons you act quickly enough.

Now I won't 'chase' you for the balance of £150.00 in any way whatsoever. That's part of your guarantee. And if you grabbed your formula today your card would NEVER EVER be charged for this extra amount.

You can elect to send me the balance ONLY, and STRICTLY ONLY, AFTER you've made at least £900 a week over the next 7 weeks.

After such time I think you'll be only too pleased to release the balance out of what should be winnings of over £6,000!

"And please don't forget to send me your story of
how much you've won and what your best days were.

In fact I would venture to say you'd be more than happy
to tell me about your success."


Put it like this. Out of 15 people who will quickly go for this offer - I aim to make 15 sincere and long term friends and email buddies!

Didn't your day just get a whole lot better? :)

Remember, for a limited time you can use the full O'Neil Formula for a fraction of its market value. You give me the rest in 7 weeks time ONLY if you've been making at least £900 a week. And that's it.


CLICK HERE to receive your copy of this
highly profitable formula.


"Insider" TIP:-

Because the formula seems so simple. Please don't even think about attempting to change or overcomplicate it...
just go with it and enjoy the money!


Consider also that anyone who would enjoy a tax-free income of £100,000 a year would have to be paid a 'before tax' amount of at least £140,000 each year if they'd been able to earn this by being in some stressed-out executive job or profession.

You Just Don't NEED The STRESS!

... would YOU REALLY want to handle the strains and the responsibilities of a top Lawyer or businessman who earns this
kind of salary?

Could you imagine the pressure and the hours worked...
...they would be horrendous and life is just too short!

YES - Please send me my own copy of the amazing winning formula for just £49.97 (Less than 100 dollars US)

I understand that ONLY when I inform you I have made a minimum of £900 a week over the next 7 weeks will I be expected to send you the balance of £150

I further understand that I shall own the Secret Formula from day one and all the winnings are mine to keep.

I realise I do not need to have any previous horseracing experience and I may use this formula to prove its effectiveness without placing any bets.

On that basis I am clicking on the link below and look forward to receiving the full O'Neil Formula by immediate download straight to my computer.

Please send me your formula straight-away


Sometimes, when you KNOW you want something, you want it right now... this VERY MINUTE

You can download the whole of the O'Neil Formula right now, to read on your computer or to print-out - even if it's 2.00am in the morning!

Simply click the secure link below to receive your winning formula as an ebook straight-away! regular price £297.97 limited offer £49.97

Make sure you don't miss-out on this limited offer
- grab your copy before midnight on the date below

  To your great success wherever in the world you live - and let's 'hit' those bookies!

David O'Neil

P.S.  Remember this system has been in my family for
over 27 years and has NEVER been revealed before - at ANY price.

P.P.S. Be reassured the O'Neil Formula comes complete with an earnings history that the 'schemes' you see advertised just cannot match - and comes complete with a 100% Cast-Iron Money-Back Guarantee


Order Here SECURELY & Enjoy
FULL ACCESS to Everything





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